Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Dear Parents,


Van Mahotsav is celebrated in India for a week starting from 1 July, 2019. Each year our nation celebrates this festival of life and gives us a fresh reminder to work towards the conservation of forests and planting of new trees to nurture and protect our environment.


DPS Rohini has geared up for a week-long celebration of ‘Van-Mahotsav’ from Monday, 1 July to Friday, 7 July 2019.

The participation of our children in this Annual Tree Planting Festival, is a step forward, to sensitize them about the importance of GOING GREEN by not only growing more plants but also by conserving what we already have .

Please be equal partners, lend a hand and join the crusade to save Mother earth. Encourage your children and set an example by carrying out the following activities :-

v  Plant more trees and encourage others to do the same.

v  Practise the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

A few suggested activities you can do with your children at home:-

v  Tree-plantation  in a nearby park  (Kindly ensure that the necessary care for nurturing the growth is rendered )

v  Growing plants in Waste Plastic Containers

v  Taking care of small potted plants

v  Preparing a collage using fallen and dried leaves

v  Arranging for a Bird Feeder and a Water Bowl for our feathered friends

(Kindly click the photographs of your kid’s participation in the above mentioned activities and present as a collage )

Help create a patch of green in your surroundings.