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English Day [CLASSES II - V]

Friday, 2 August 2019


Dear Parent

“Learning a language is not a destination but a journey.” -Jean Brunet.

English Language Day is celebrated globally to bring awareness about the culture and achievements associated with the language. Learning English is important as it enables one to communicate globally with ease. Keeping in mind the importance of English language in our lives, the students of Classes II to V celebrated English Day on Thursday, 25 July 2019.

Days of hard labour and involvement – right from selection and preparation of scripts, rigorous practice to the presentation of the same – proved worth the effort, all the students of Classes III and V gave their best and participated enthusiastically. The students demonstrated excellent team work and collaboration andthe best expressive ones found themselves up on the stage.

Enactment helps in mental development and is a great source of learning. Children have a natural propensity for role play from the stories they have been reading or listening to. The finalists of Class II presented various characters from their much – loved books with panache, so much so that the fairy tales came alive on the stage. The enthusiastic performers put their best foot forward and charmed the audience.

Class IV showcased a high level of competitive spirit by expressing their views in the debate.

Story narration highlighting proverbs, dialogues using similes, tongue twisters and riddles were presented by the youngsters of Class IV, thus improving their team spirit, speaking skills, expression, coordination and last but not the least their vocabulary and love for the language.

The Story Telling Session by Ms.SoniaBareja for Classes II & III and ‘The Might of Pen’– a session on Creative Writing by Ms.VajyantiTonpe helped to open the minds of the children to the world of imagination. They enhanced the Creative Thinking Skills of the young learners.

The final presentation of the events on Thursday, 25 July 2019 was a grand show which saw the participation of around 200 students. The celebration enthralled one and all, as students queued up to present all that they had learnt and practised. The programme ended with all the Junior School children singing and swaying to some melodious English songs.

The student’s participation with verve and versatility made the event a grand success.

It has been and will be our constant endeavour to motivate the young learners to practise English language by giving them opportunities and exposure to use the language as much as possiblein a fun – filled manner, which has always been our mantra.

Looking forward to your constant support as always.