DPS ROHINI is an inclusive school, supported by a Department of Mental Health, HOPE.

HOPE is continuously implementing an ever-evolving comprehensive mental health program to create a positive impact on students’ achievement. The development and implementation of these programmes are initiated by the professionals at HOPE along with a collaborative effort with school administrators, classroom teachers, school staff, students and parents.

To ensure the seamless implementation of programs aimed at ensuring mental wellness, a team of professionals constitute HOPE. Ms. Subha Chandrashekhar and Dr. Jyoti Bajaj are both Special Educators and Counsellors registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Counsellors help all the students of class V-XII in the areas of academic achievement, personal, social and emotional development and and general conduct through value-education classes, counselling sessions and career counselling, ensuring that students become productive, well-adjusted adults.

As Special Educators they work with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. They adapt general education lessons and teach Reading, Writing and Maths to students with mild, moderate and severe disabilities using scientifically designed curriculum such as Universal Design of Learning, Positive Behavioural Interventional Support and Person-Centered Programmes to name a few.