Security Measures

Children are the most precious yet the most vulnerable beings and therefore, need to be protected from any kind of security risk. It is almost an impossible task to ensure the safety of child only through marking attendance and head count. This is the reason why Delhi Public School, Rohini has decided to provide the students with RFID Cards.

The RFID automated system has been designed to track the location and presence of the student right from the time they board the school bus, enter the campus, leave the school and deboard the bus to reach home. The RFID Card will helps monitor their safety within the school premises. It has features like In-School Monitoring and SMS Alert to parents.

There are numerous benefits of the RFID technology. However, it has some limitations and drawbacks as well. Tag collision may occur if a reader picks up signals from multiple tags at the same time. Reader collision may be an issue if two readers interfere with each others signals.

Following instructions are to be adhered for the smooth functioning of the Cards.

  • Make sure that the child wears the RFID Card every day to school.
  • The RFID card should be worn around the neck and not kept inside the pocket or bag for proper detection of the card.
  • Registered mobile number should not have DND so that SMSes sent are delivered to the parent.

Let us stand together and take action for the safety of our children.