Session For Teachers/ by Teachers

29 JUNE 2019 Teachers of D.P.S Rohini Mr.P.K Singh, a software engineer and Mindfulness Specialist with Sanjivanimantra Telemedicine based in Noida. DPS Rohini

A session on ‘Mindfulness Relaxation’ was organized for the teachers on Saturday, 29.06.19 by Mr.P.K Singh, a software engineer and Mindfulness Specialist with Sanjivanimantra Telemedicine based in Noida. The resourceperson laid emphasis on the practice of the technique of mindfulness to effectively combat stress from our lives. He focussed on being in ‘the present moment’ to enhance our energy and mood and thus improve our mental and physical health. Different mindful awareness techniques like finger- tip awareness, facial awareness, major joint awareness, virtual awareness and breath awareness were demonstrated to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. The session urged one and all to practice mindfulness and make it a part of one’s life to lead a stress free and optimistic life.

26-28 JUNE 2019 Ms. Neha Chawla
Ms. Arpita Karmakar
Dr.Sharda Manocha, Joint Director, HRD Centre,DPS Society; Prof. Chand Kiran Saluja; Ms. Jyanti Ranganathan, Sr. Feature Editor, Hindustan; Mr. Arvind Gaur, Founder & Director of ‘Asmita’ Theatre; Ms. Sonica Kaushik, Sr. Consultant, Child Literacy Programme, NCERT and Prof. Divik Ramesh, Ex.Prinicipal of Motilal Nehru College, Writer of Children’s books. HRD Centre, Delhi Public School Society, Lodhi Road

A three days workshop for the Hindi teachers teaching Classes II-V was organized by the Delhi Public School Society, HRD Centre from Wednesday, 26 June 2019 to Friday, 28 June 2019. Thirty six participants from various states of the country attended the workshop and benefitted through interactive sessions and activities. The resource people explained that listening is a very important aspect of teaching learning process in the primary classes and hence correct pronunciation of words is very essential. It was also reiterated that Hindi stories and poems are an important part of language teaching and they should be used effectively in the classrooms. Teachers were encouraged to bring theatre into the classrooms as it is an excellent and important tool for teaching. Emphasis was also laid on the fact that teachers should enhance the ability of expression of children through pictorial books.The necessity of conducting activities pertaining to multiple intelligence in order to cater to the needs of the diverse group of students was also asserted.

25 JUNE 2019 Ms. Anshu Kumar Mr. Mukesh Kumar DPS R K Puram

A workshop for teachers of Computer Science and Informatics Practices was organized at DPS RK Puram. The changes in the CBSE curriculum were discussed in detail during the workshop. A practical demonstration of the installation of special Python packages was taken up. Links of useful resources were shared with the participating teachers.

24-25 JUNE 2019 Charul Mahendru Ms. Ruchi Senger CBSE Regional Office, Patparganj

The workshop focused on teaching of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The resource person also dealt with teaching of prose and poetry. The focus was on making literature teaching more effective and interesting.

10 May 2019 Ms. Monika Chadha JALTSA Japan Foundation

A workshop for teachers of Japanese language was conducted by JALTSA on 10 May ,2019. The workshop began with the address by D. Biswajit Saha, Director Skill Education and Training, CBSE. He focused on encouraging students to take up foreign languages which can help them to take up studies abroad. This was followed by a session on Project Based Learning by MsImoto Mami, Language advisor, Japan Foundation. The next session was on Particles, grammar patterns by Anju Raghav, faculty Japan Foundation.

09 May 2019 Charul Mahendru DPS Rohini
Meeta Kumar DPS Vasant Kunj
Meenakshi Khar NCERT
HRDC DPS Society HRD Centre Delhi Public School Society, Lodi Road

The working group meeting was carried out to assess and analyse the feedback of the Workshop for Senior Secondary School English teachers from DPS schools across India that was conducted from 9-12 April 2019 at the HRD Centre Delhi Public School Society, Lodi Road.
Based on suggestions provided by the participants, a few new sessions were added to the programme.
Another workshop for English teachers from the remaining DPS schools across India is planned for July- August 2019.

04 May 2019 Ms Rinki Bhayana
Ms Bindu Chopra
IIT Bombay Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology, Rohini

One day workshop on Scilab, an open source software for numerical computations in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Engineering Sciences was conducted by IIT Bombay on Saturday, 4 May 2019. The workshop was conducted through live video conferencing and hands on session using Spoken Tutorials at around 135 centers across India and involved approx. 4300 teachers.

27 April 2019 Female teachers of DPS Rohini Dr. Vineeta Goel (Associate Director Oncology, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh)
Dr. Monisha Gupta (Cosultant Gyneacologist, Oncology, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh)
DPS Rohini

A session on ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ was organized for the lady teachers on Saturday, 27 April 2019 by Dr. Vineeta Goel and Dr. Monisha Gupta. The session focussed on spreading awareness about breast cancer and cervical cancer- the two most common forms of cancer, widely diagnosed among women all across the globe. Various modifiable and non-modifiable factors, risk factors and preventive measures were discussed at length. It was reiterated that one needs to get regular health check ups done to rule out the possibilities of being afflicted by any of these cancers. The session laid emphasis on the fact that early detection and awareness can lead to positive outcomes. A hands-on experience on the dummies for Breast Self Examination (BSE) provided some useful tips to all for self examination and early diagnosis.

11 April 2019 Class XI, XII English Teachers from DPS schools all over India Charul Mahendru, DPS Rohini HRD Centre, DPS Society, Lodi road

A workshop on Teaching of Poetry was conducted for English teachers of Class XI-XII.

A presentation on Figures of Speech was shown and figures of speech from chapters of Class XI- XII English text were discussed. Two poems were taken up and the lesson planning for the same was discussed in detail through Powerpoint Presentation.

9 April 2019 Class XI, XII English Teachers from DPS schools all over India Kirti Tandon, Step by Step school, NOIDA
Meeta Kumar, DPS Vasant Vihar
Roselyn Wilson, DPS NOIDA
Charul Mahendru, DPS Rohini
HRD Centre, DPS Society, Lodi road

A panel discussion to discuss the changes in the curriculum, English Core, Class XI- XII was conducted and the participants were made aware of the same. In addition, problems faced by the teachers related to teaching of English was taken up. This was followed by a doubt clarification session.

12 February 2019 Archana Sharma (DPS NOIDA),
Charul Mahendru (DPS Rohini),
Meeta Kumar (DPS Vasant Kunj)
Mrs. Vineeta Kher (DPS HRD Centre),
Mrs. Meenakshi Khar (NCERT)
DPSS-HRD Centre, Lodhi Road Complex

Working group meeting for conducting a workshop in English for classes XI- XII

28 To 30 January 2019 Ms. Arpita Karmakar,
Ms. Rakhi Vig

Dr. Chand Kiran Saluja,
Dr. Sharda Manocha,
Shri Arvind Gaur,
Professor Diwik Ramesh.
HRD centre Delhi Public School Society

A three day workshop – ‘Ankur’ on teaching and learning of Hindi was organized by the HRD centre, Delhi Public School Society from Monday, 28 January 2019 to Wednesday, 30 January 2019. A panel of experts in Hindi Literature conducted various sessions which gave an exposure to a variety of ideas to all the learner teachers. The workshop comprised sessions on developing various linguistic skills, teaching of correct pronunciation in Hindi to students, role of theatrical skills in the teaching of Hindi, use of literature to develop sensitivity towards the subject and the importance of children’s literature in schools. All sessions were very informative. The experts comprised of Dr.Chand KiranSaluja, Dr. Sharda Manocha, Director of Asmita Theatre Group, Shri Arvind Gaur and the writer of Children’s Literature, Professor Diwik Ramesh. All the experts highlighted the various aspects of effective strategies of teaching and learning of Hindi language. The workshop was very effective and informative, creating a new wave of enthusiasm in all the participants.

9 January 2019 Jyoti Bajaj,
Mamta Nangia
NCERT in association with DOE Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi

A workshop on ‘Inclusion- A way of Education for all’ was conducted by SCERT in association with the Directorate of Education. It was attended by Principals, Headmistress’, Special Educators, Counsellors of schools in Delhi/ NCR and parents of children with special needs studying in the schools. The Chief Guest, Sh T.D. Thariyal, Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, GNCT, Delhi gave an orientation on the RPWD Act 2016 and also discussed the issues being faced in its implementation. The legal aspects of the act were discussed by Advocate Shailja Sharma who also enlightened the audience about offences and their punishments. Ms. Seema Tuli, Principal, Amar Jyoti School, elaborated upon the challenges like attitudinal barriers, inappropriate infrastructure and networking, lack of support services etc. faced in the implementation of Inclusive Education at school level. Prof. Anupam Ahuja from NCERT introduced the BARKHAA Series to encourage reading skills in CWSN.

4-6 December 2018 45 Teachers of various Delhi Public Schools across India NISHA JAIN DPSS-HRD CENTRE, LODHI ROAD COMPLEX

Workshop for teachers of commerce on ‘Teaching and learning of Commerce’.


Discussion on Sustainable Development Goals for a better World.

16 AND 17 November 2018 NAMITA OBEROI CBSE G.D. Goenka Public School Model Town

Capacity Building Programme for English Class XII – Modifications in the CBSE Curriculum for English.


The National Teacher’s Science Congress was a part of the 4th India International Science Festival 2018 attended by approx 760 teachers from various parts of the country. The workshop had components like panel discussion on the topic of ‘Opportunities and challenges in Science education and the role of a science teacher to develop critical thinking among learners.’ It was followed by plenary talks by eminent science communicators and educationists, highlighting effective classroom teaching of Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

06 October 2018 DPS Rohini (Jr. School teachers) Ms. Shubha Chandrashekhar (School Counsellor and Special Educator) Delhi Public School, Rohini

A session by Ms Subha Chandershekhar, school counsellor, on the feedback of UDL strategies implemented in the Unit II lesson plan, was organized for the junior school staff of DPS Rohini on Saturday, 6 October 2018. The session commenced with the recapitulation of UDIL aspect in learning. It was reiterated that the teachers need to focus on the principles of UDIL- Goal, Assessment methods and Material. These have already been initiated in the UNIT II in the lesson plans. This step has certainly made a lot of difference in the teaching learning process in the classroom where the children are made aware of what they are going to learn on a particular day.

06 October 2018 DPS Rohini (Jr. School teachers) Ms. Esha Shounik Delhi Public School, Rohini

An interactive session on “21 Century Skills and Importance of Lateral Thinking in Schools” by ‘Ms Esha Shounik’ from S. Chand was organised for the Junior staff at DPS, Rohini on Saturday, 6 October 2018.The session was begun with a warm up exercise, ‘Reflection time’- discussing and brainstorming about the changes in the field of education. It was followed by a power point presentation, highlighting the need to train students to make right and intelligent choices in life thus helping to equip them with skills to be more creative, innovative and capable of thinking critically. The session was both effective and enriching session for all.

29 September 2018 DPS Rohini (All Teaching Staff) Ms. Kanika S. Govi (Vice-Principal) Main School Quadrangle

A session on Safety and security in school for students and teachers was conducted by the Vice Principal Ms. Kanika S Govi on Saturday, 29 September 2018. It was attended by all the members of the teaching staff at DPS Rohini. It was suggested that an advisory related to disciplinary actions with respect to exams must be sent to parents prior to the commencement of the same. Teachers were urged to have friendly conversations with students to ensure the cordial & stress-free environment in school. The session provided an open platform to bring up common issues and find appropriate solutions for them. It was very informative and provided valuable inputs on the importance of the subject for one and all.

29 September 2018 DPS Rohini (Sr. School teachers) Ms. Shubha Chandrashekhar (School Counsellor and Special Educator) Delhi Public School, Rohini

A session on - ‘Addiction in Children: New Age Challenges ’was conducted for Sr. School teachers on 29 September 2018.The session highlighted the harmful consequences of various addictions in children. Teachers were advised to talk to students about ‘Media Free Time’ and also various internet games which cause gaming disorder in children.
The following topics were discussed elaborately.

  • Negative thinking/talk should be avoided.
  • How habits turn into addictions.
  • Nature of ‘Screen Time’ and its negative effects
  • Role of a teacher in a child’s life.

18 September 2018 All the teachers and students of classes Nursery and Prep Ms. Usha Chhabra Multi-purpose hall

“Story-telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.“-Robert Mekee

A story telling session was organized for classes Nursery and Prep on Tuesday, 18 September 2018. The resource person, Ms. Usha Chhabra began the session with an ice-breaker activity, which also helped to whet the appetite of the young listeners. The stories helped to inculcate good values among the children. They also realized their moral responsibilities like keeping the surroundings clean and caring for their dear ones. The clever use of audio-visual aids helped to make the session a memorable one.


A two day Capacity Building Program was organized by CBSE for Physics teachers of Classes XI and XII. Nearly 80 teachers from Schools across Delhi and NCR participated in the program. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Shubham Chakraborty, an expert in conducting teacher training Programs and Ms. Pragya Nopany, Physics expert and Head of Anveshika group which works under the Indian Association of Physics Teachers. The workshop provided a platform for all teachers to interact with each other discussing the main objectives of teaching physics, planning a lesson, activity based learning, common errors, designing question papers and marking schemes. The practical and investigatory projects which are an integral part of class XI and XII syllabus were discussed in detail and new ideas were also shared.

10 September 2018 DPS TEACHERS Ms. Promila Chopra HRDC, Dwarka

A three day workshop was organized by the DPS Society at the HRD center, Dwarka. It was on the topic ‘Hindi in the age of Media and Information Technology’ for Hindi Teachers from 10th - 13th September 2018. Forty-five teachers from Delhi Public Schools all over India participated in the workshop. Ms. Promila Chopra from D.P.S. Rohini conducted a session on 10th September 2018 on ‘Hindi Teaching through Activities.’ The Participants appreciated the session for its uniqueness and practical approach.

7 September 2018 Principal (DPS) Ms. Vibha Singh HRDC, Dwarka

An Enrichment Programme ‘Discover the Undiscovered’ was organized by the DPS Society for Science teachers of the middle school at The HRD Center, Dwarka from 5th Sept to 8th Sept 2018.

DPS Teachers from all over India attended the session. The session focused on teaching Biology in the Middle School Level by relating every topic with real life and nature. It included demonstration of activities, teaching tools, games, removing myths and misconceptions, common prefixes-suffixes and making interesting assignments based on topics Plants, Environment, Food and Food habits. The session was concluded with discussion on qualities of a good Biology teacher.

5 September 2018 DPS TEACHERS Ms. Deepika Sachdev
Ms. Disha Arora
HRDC, Dwarka

The DPS society organized an Enrichment Programme ‘Discover the Undiscovered’ for Science teachers of the middle school at The HRD Centre, Dwarka from 5th Sept to 8th Sept 2018.

DPS Teachers from all over India attended the session. Our session focussed on how to nurture curiosity and make the subject interesting. It included demonstration of activities, use of simulations, removing misconceptions and making interesting assignments based on topics Light, Electricity and Magnetism.


A four day workshop titled ‘Teaching Economics in the Changing World’ was organized by the DPS society for Economics teachers. Sessions on a wide range of issues pertaining to the syllabus, on areas of global economics, benefit of data analytics and emerging Crypto Currency were conducted. Recent changes in the syllabus along with assessments, analysis of question papers were discussed by senior resource persons. It was a very informative and enriching workshop.


A Capacity Building Programme for the teachers teaching English Core –XII was organized by the CBSE.

Teachers from fifty-eight schools of Delhi participated in this programme. Ms. Alka Awasthy, Principal, Mayoor Public School and Ms. Subhashini Ramakrishnan, Principal, Noida International School were the Resource Persons for the two-day programme.

All sections of the question paper: Reading, Writing & Literature were discussed in detail. Emphasis was laid on how to develop these skills in the learners. Relevant handouts and Power-Point Presentations made the discussions more effective.

(Experts from CBSE)
New Delhi

A Capacity Building Programme in Economics was organized at Centre of Excellence, CBSE Regional Office Patparganj, New Delhi. The programme aimed to provide a platform for professional development of the teachers. The workshop familiarized the teachers with changes in the syllabus. Various methods of teaching economics were discussed. The use of media as a teaching aid was emphasized. This was followed by a session on ‘Project Work’ in Economics. An activity on Question Paper Design was also conducted.


A capacity Building Programme – Accountancy – Class XII was organised by CBSE – Centre of Excellence, Delhi at DPS Mathura Road, New Delhi on 13 and 14 August 2018.

The programme aimed to provide a platform for professional development and subject based interaction among the teachers.

The workshop was to familiarise the teachers about the changes in the curriculum for 2019 Class XII examination

The topics covered were:

  • Partnership Accounts
  • Company Accounts
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Not for Profit Organizations
  • Designing of Question Paper
  • Common mistakes committed by students while answering the questions.
  • Project work

Each lecture was followed by a Question and Answer Session.

Various interactive activities related to the subject were also organised in between the lectures like crosswords, tambola and puzzle solving.


Ms. Subha Chandrashekhar, HOD Mental Health Dept. HOPE conducted a session on ‘Behavioural Issues in School ‘for Principals of satellite DPS schools during an Induction Programme for New Principals.

Stressing on the need for every school to have a department of Mental Health to address the behavioural, safety, inclusive education aspects of the school, she emphasized on the supportive and imperative role of Counsellors and Special Educators in today’s education.

She urged the Principals to recognize the role played by schools in childrens ‘development, from peer relationships and social interactions to academic attainment and cognitive progress, emotional control and behavioural expectations, physical and moral development.

She highlighted the dual aspects of preventive and interventional strategies of behaviour management in addressing School Mental Health. She also shared the concept of Inclusive Education and the recommendations given by CBSE.

19 JULY 2018 MS. KANIKA SACHDEVA GOVI(Vice Principal) ELDROK INDIA K-12 THE LEELA AMBIENCE GURGAON The Vice Principal Ms. Kanika Sachdeva Govi was invited as a panelist to speak on the topic ‘Increasing need for safety in schools’ at the Eldrok India K-12 Summit.
28 JULY 2018 KANUPRIYA NARULA COMMERCE TEACHERS’ FOUNDATION AIR FORCE BAL BHARATI SCHOOL LODHI ROAD A workshop on ‘How to make teaching of Business Studies Fun’ was conducted by CTF on 28th July 2018 by experienced in-house resource persons from CTF. The workshop highlighted the latest techniques to be adopted to make teaching of Business Studies interesting. The workshop also emphasized on tips and tricks to deal with case studies.
27 and 28 July 2018 Manju Sangwan Ms. Ruchi Sengar Delhi Public School, Mathura Road A Capacity Building Programme for the teachers of Class X was organized by CBSE on 27 and 28 July 2018 at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. The Resource person for the programme was Ms. Ruchi Sengar. The workshop focused the teacher’s attention to building language skills in their students during regular classroom teaching.
21 JULY 2018 MADHU MALIK Royal Society of Chemistry Amity International School, Sector 43, Gurgaon It was conducted by RSC Yusuf Hamied Inspirational Chemistry Programme. It was a general science workshop which dealt with activities related to middle school. The use of chemistry laboratory using micro kit was also demonstrated.
20 & 21 July 2018 Sonika Rangeen Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School Mount Abu Public School, Sector-5, Pocket-B, Rohini, Delhi-85.

A Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management was organized by CBSE to equip the teachers with better techniques for classroom management and it also provided a good platform for the teachers to share their experiences and learn from each other. It was attended by 69 teachers.

The topics covered were:

  • Components of Effective Classroom Management
  • Different Learning Styles
  • Instructional Management
  • Physical Arrangement in the Classroom
  • Time Management
  • Classroom Management Styles
  • Classroom Rules
  • Management of Interpersonal Relationships
10 July 2018 Disha Arora
Jugnu Seth
Mr. Harish Sachdeva HRDC Lodhi Road

A meeting for science teachers (Primary and Middle school) was organized by Mr. Harish Sachdeva Director, HRDC. The agenda consisted of

  • Books followed from classes II-VIII
  • Basic topics covered at the Primary and Middle level
  • Selection of topics for organizing science workshops for teachers.
  • Designing of booklets (study material), activities, PPTs, videos, assignments, handouts for the assigned topics.
10 July 2018 PALLAV GUPTA

A meeting on designing an academic programme in Commerce for classes XI-XII to be conducted for the teachers of Delhi Public Schools in the near future was held at DPSS – HRDC, Lodhi Road, Delhi.

Teachers from DPS R K Puram, Vasant Kunj, Mathura Road, Noida and Rohini attended the meet. Also present were representative of NCERT Ms. Shipra and Ex-Principal of SRCC Mr.P.C. Jain. The agenda was

  • Reduction in Syllabus for XI and XII Business Studies and Accountancy by 30 to 40 percent.
  • Topics for the teacher training programme

Teachers were invited to be a part of the team for preparation of Exemplar in the subject, Accountancy. The process will probably start from 10th September 2018 and will be for 10 days.

The probable date of this academic programme will be second or third week of December.

07 July 2018 PALLAV GUPTA CA Dr. G S GREWAL and R.K.KHOSLA Rukmini Devi Public School, CD Block, Pitampura, Delhi 110034

A workshop on Accountancy was organized by Commerce Teachers Foundation in association with Sultan Chand and Sons, a renowned publication house to familiarize the teachers about the changes in the curriculum for Accountancy for the session 2018-19.

The topics covered were

  • GST
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Rectification of Errors
  • Not for Profit Organizations
  • Single Entry System (Conversion)
28-29 June 2018 SUJATA SAXENA DPS Society HRD Centre HRD Centre Lodhi Road, Delhi A Sanskrit language communication workshop was conducted at the HRD Centre by the DPS Society. The aim of the workshop was to acquaint the teachers with modern techniques and teaching methods and also to help participants develop their proficiency in the language in various situations. 27 Sanskrit teachers from Delhi and NCR attended the workshop.
27 June 2018 Ms.Rajshree Baul Mr.Mukesh Kumar, Coordinator, Computer Science, DPS R K Puram DPS R K Puram

A workshop was conducted by Mr.Mukesh Kumar, Coordinator,Computer Science, DPS RKP, Ms.Gurpreet Kaur, Faculty, G.D.Goenka and Mr.Mohitendra Dey, Faculty, DPS RKP to acquaint the teachers of the changes in the Computer Science and Informatics Practices Syllabus for Classes XI-XII. The topics covered were Python Programming, Python Pandas, MySQL and MongoDB.

The main focus of the workshop was to make the teachers understand how the new language Python is different from the existing languages: C++ and Java. The workshop was very useful and much appreciated by the teachers as the textbooks are still not available for the new syllabus.

28 May 2018 Staff from Administration, Accounts and Support staff including Class IV and contractual employees Delhi State Legal Services Authority, Ms. Ruchika Singla, Secretary/Judge, Delhi State Legal Services Authority, NW, Rohini Multi-Purpose Hall A session on POCSO, JJ Act and legal issues related to Child Labour was conducted for the non-teaching staff of DPS, Rohini to create awareness on prevention of child sexual abuse. The session was conducted in Hindi and the information was conveyed effectively using several real life examples. There were questions related to victims returning hostile and methods to impart information to very young children at the end of the session.
01-11 May 2018 Ms. Deepa A. Kumar
Ms. Madhurima Mitra
Dr. Sharda Manocha, Joint Director—HRDC, The DPS Society HRD CENTRE DWARKA

The DPS Society organises the Early Childhood Education (ECE) programme for its in-service Pre-Primary teachers to offer an understanding of the relevant concepts as well as the need and significance of early childhood education. Fifty participant teachers from the DPS fraternity from all over India attended the programme.

The programme commenced on Tuesday, 1 May 2018, with an Ice-Breaking session followed by an inaugural function wherein the Keynote Address was delivered by Dr. Nadadur Janardhan, on Early Childhood Development and Learning.

Thereafter, till Thursday, 10 May 2018, various theoretical and practical sessions were conducted by expert resource people, who shared their vast knowledge and valuable experience about the specific needs, demands and challenges of early childhood learning, which calls for specialized training of teachers. The various activities held during these sessions kept the teachers involved and on their toes. They included – Symposium, Classroom Activities, Visit to School (DPS-Rohini) and Observation of Teaching Practices.

On Friday, 11 May 2018, the teachers had to take an exam. The Valedictory Function marked the end of the programme. Prof. B.P. Khandelwal addressed the teachers, emphasizing on the importance of the programme and expressed his appreciation for their whole-hearted participation in it.

The eleven day programme was an enriching experience. New vistas were explored and teachers underwent a process of un-learning and re-learning, thus emerging as better facilitators in the classrooms.

12 April 2018 Aparna Bajaj
Vanshaj Vohra (XI)
Ayush Tanwar (XI)
Aneesha Bharadwaj (X)
Ananya Kalra (X)
7 April 2018 Ms. Shelly Wadhwa
Ms.Kokil Gaur
Public Health Department, Rohini Zone MCD office, Sector 5, Rohini

A seminar on issues related with precautions and control of vector borne diseases was organized by the Public Health Department, Rohini Zone for school teachers of the zone. The seminar was held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at MCD office, Sector 5, Rohini to commemorate World Health Day. The theme for this year is- Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.

The seminar was headed by Dr. Sanjay Sinha and Dr. Jitender Kumar. The doctors briefed the gathering on various diseases spread by different species of mosquitoes, their identifying features and breeding patterns. The seminar laid special emphasis on strains of dengue virus and forms of dengue fever.

4 April 2018 SANGEETA SINHA Prof. R.Meganathan Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura The workshop was to acquaint the teachers about the changes in the English Syllabus CBSE for class IX w.e.f Academic Session 2018 – 19 and how to implement and teach as per the prescribed syllabus and guidelines.
29.03.2018 Ms. Manju Sangwan Teachers’ Meet - HT-PACE Hyatt Regency The Annual H T Pace Teachers’ meet was organised at Hyatt Regency on 29 March 2018. A concert ‘Music Without Boundaries’ was presented by eminent vocalist, composer and poet Madan Gopal Singh, ace guitarist and banjo player Deepak Castelino, sarod artist Pritam Ghoshal and percussionist Aamir Salim. The event conjured up a veritable “Goonj ki Sena” (army of resonance) that tugged at the listeners’ hearts and minds.
28.03.2018 All the teachers of the infant school Ms. Usha Chhabra Multi-purpose hall

A workshop on ‘story telling’ was conducted by Ms. Usha Chhabra in the multi-purpose hall on Monday, 26 march, 2018 for the teachers of the infant school.

Ms. Chhabra stressed on the need for making story-telling an integral part of teaching as it is an effective tool to develop any language, values and life-skills.Interesting anecdotes, dramatization of stories and a power-point presentation made the workshop captivating. It was an enriching experience for the teachers.

07-03-2018 Ms. Rohini Seth
Ms. Sudha J Bhat
D P S R.K. Puram D P S R.K. Puram

The Economics Department of DPS R.K.Puram organized a one day workshop for the teachers of core schools under the aegis of DPS Society on 7th march 2018.The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. V.K. Shunglu the Chairman of the DPS Society.

The workshop was conducted by the faculty members of the Economics Department of DPS R.K. Puram.The aim of the workshop was to make teachers familiar with the e-book- CORE-ECON. Teachers can incorporate the book with the present syllabus in classes IX to XII.

The workshop was enriching and informative

6 & 7 February 2018 Charul Mahendru Mrs. Kirti Tandon and Mrs. Malabika C. Mukherjee ITL Public School Dwarka A two day Capacity Building Programme for English Core Class XII was organized by the CBSE. The Resource persons emphasized upon the relevance and importance of following Bloom’s taxonomy while framing a balanced question paper. Innovative ideas to teach note making and the long reading text were discussed. A discussion on attempting value based questions was also carried out. Formats for writing skills were shared and significant lines and phrases from the texts were also discussed at length.
25 Nov 2017 Ms. Monika Chadha   Japan Foundation The teacher attended the ‘Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers “organized by Jaltsa and Japan Foundation

A two Counsellor’s Meet for Mental Health professionals from satellite and core schools was held at DPS, Mathura Road.

The first day had two sessions conducted by visitors from. Minnesota. Ms Kurtsen Dubbels from the Dept. of Education conducted a session on the ‘Universal Design of Learning’ The second session conducted by Ms. Joy Lee Fredrickson, Student Service Coordinator from the Osseo Area group of Schools, was on Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Co- Teaching.

Both sessions were interactive and included many strategies to promote inclusive education. The second day had sessions on ‘Integrating Occupational Therapy in regular classrooms for improving handwriting’, ‘The Importance of Social Emotional Learning in Students’, ‘Why do students have Suicidal Tendencies’, ‘Practical Application of UDL conducted by Subha Chandrashekhar’’ and ‘Cyber Safety & e-Addiction’ All the sessions were interesting and pertinent to issues faced today.

  National Museum, Janpath, Delhi.

A workshop on ‘Museum Learning Master Class’ organized by Flow India was held at National Museum, Janpath on Tuesday 31 October 2017.

It was a walking session which started with a specific area tour of the museum. Five hands on activities were conducted which expected the participants to observe certain artefacts and develop their own perspectives followed by sharing and discussion of the same.

The common objective of the activities was to allow a seamless integration of museum objects and environment to support classroom learning and also to emphasize on the facts that OBJECTS:

  • are universal
  • tell stories
  • trigger imagination
  • discover feelings
  • enhance observation

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL – FARDIDABAD organized ‘OLYMPIA MATHEMATICS 2017’ a workshop for Maths teachers from October 12, 2017 to October 14, 2017. Two eminent personalities Prof. C. R. PRANESACHAR and Prof B. J. VENKATACHALA from the field of mathematics were the resource persons. Both of them focused on the topics which are covered in Maths Olympiad like RMO, INMO etc.

Prof B. J. VENKATACHALA discussed the topic Number Theory, Divisibility, AM GM, HM, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic etc. Some very tricky questions were solved from the worksheets provided by them. Prof. C. R. PRANESACHAR introduced the problems based on geometric application. The questions illustrated were very technical in terms of applications of different results of geometry. Problems on the topic pigeonhole principle, combinatorics, principle of inclusion exclusion, sterling numbers, partition numbers etc. were discussed. Some questions on pattern of Fibonacci sequence were also covered.

At the end resource person prescribed some books which can be used and helpful to follow up with the workshop.

12 Oct 2017 46 PARTICIPANTS FROM VARIOUS DPS SCHOOLS   HRD CENTRE DWARKA Delhi Public School Society organised a Hindi Workshop ‘Utkarsh’ for Hindi Teachers from 11th Oct to 13th Oct 2017. Forty- Six participants in the same. Ms. Promila Chopra from D.P.S Rohini was conduct a session on 12th Oct 2017. The Topic was ‘Hindi Teaching through Activities. The participants appreciated the session for its uniqueness and practical approach.
09 Oct 2017 TO 14 Oct 2017 APARNA BAJAJ   DPS NAVI MUMBAI


The workshop was the concluding segment of SMTE’s programme. Students of class IX appear for two levels of written exam in class IX. In class X they attend a six day SMTE Camp at HRD Centre Dwarka. In Class XI, these selected students go to Navi Mumbai to attend a week long Enrichment Programme. The Classes were conducted by renowned Mathematicians Sh. V. Seshan, Sh. Vikas Tiwari, Prof. S. Sane from IIT Mumbai, Prof. Joseph Amalnathan. These classes were very informative and the participants were able to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topics covered. Students solved many important problems related to RMO and IMO exams with the help of the subject experts.

A very enriching and informative programme.

25 Sep 2017 JYOTI BAJAJ   S D PUBLIC SCHOOL, B U BLOCK, PITAMPURA The workshop was conducted by Ms. Jyoti Bajaj for 30 Special Educators in the field of VI and HI working in Government Schools of Delhi. It aimed at imparting in depth theoretical and practical knowledge of Teaching methods (individual and group teaching), Lesson Plans, IEP’s and Strategies in Inclusive Practices for SLD. It was an interactive session where the participants got a chance to discuss the issues faced by them in their respective schools concerning children with special needs.
23 Sep 2017 INFANT AND JUNIOR SCHOOL TEACHERS   MULTI-MEDIA LAB The workshop aimed at creating awareness about the changing and growing technological trends in the 21st century. The resource person guided the teachers to create an account in and register in the Microsoft Educator Community to collaborate with the 143 countries across the globe. She advised teachers to take online courses and earn recognition as Microsoft Educators and also to get the school recognized as a Microsoft Enabled School. The benefits of working in Office 365 were also pointed out.
22 Sep 2017 JYOTI BAJAJ   INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, MAX MUELLER MARG, NEW DELHI The workshop aimed at identification and prevention of ‘Students at risk’ and relevant intervention at an early stage. The key highlights of the workshop were confusion related to definition of At Risk Students, social, academic and psychological needs of such students, changing role of School Counsellors / Teacher Counsellors, causal factors and programs and practices for At Risk Students. The key speaker also emphasised on developing an academic and behaviour program for students at risk to help them cope up with their issues effectively.
19 Sep 2017 SENIOR SCHOOL TEACHERS   MULTIMEDIA LAB Teachers were invited to join and connect to educators, school leaders & policy makers from across 119 countries through and get unlimited access to learning resources, lesson plans and tutorials.They got free professional development opportunities and an opening for global certification like Teaching with Technology (TwT), Windows in the Classroom (WiC), 21 Century Learning Design (21CLD)
18 Sep 2017 NEERU GOEL   GYAN MANDIR PUBLIC SCHOOL NARAINA VIHAR A Financial Education Training Programme was organized by NISM. The first session was conducted by Mr. Garg, General Manager NISM on core concepts of financial literacy. The second session and the third session was conducted by Harshul Nagpal Academic Associate at NISM on Indian Financial System and Banking respectively. The fourth session was conducted by Varun Gupta from Bombay Stock Exchange on Securities Market and pension products and services.

Resource person :-Dr. N.M.Parti(Chairperson of GPSC )
Topic –To introduce latest techniques and teaching methods for Mathematics.

The workshop aimed at making classroom teaching interesting by using creative activities. The various techniques of teaching through music, storytelling and interactive activities were discussed. The teachers were apprised on how to build the curiosity level in the classrooms. The resource person emphasized on involving students in age-appropriate activities. It was a learning and enriching experience for all.


The workshop ’Witnessing Wonders’ aimed at making classroom teaching (Physics) more interactive by demonstrating activities using simple and easily available materials.

Teachers from 30 schools participated. The resource person of the workshop was Prof. Samar Bagchi. He conducted simple activities to demonstrate various concepts of Physics for classes 8 to 10. The concepts of Physics which were covered in the demonstration of activities are-

Newton’s laws of motion; conservation of momentum; Buoyancy; Free fall; Surface tension; Magnetism and Light.


The workshop included representatives from 10 US Universities and Colleges including Berkeleys, New Hampshire, Binghamton, New Haven, Pittsburg State University, University of Connecticut, Scripps Research Institute, West Virginia University, Westminster, Florida Institute of Technology.

The workshop provided an opportunity to interact with the US University representatives and understand the courses, scholarships, employability, admission process as well as the international students support they provide. The brochures of the Universities will be shared with the students as a resource.

A collaboration will be done with the representatives to ensure they come together and address the students with their queries. The USIEF representatives will be coordinated with for student workshops on similar lines. Another initiative from the workshop that will be worked on is exploring projects, internships that our students can take up to get a hands on exposure for studying in USA.

29 July 2017 NISHA JAIN

The Workshop was to acquaint the teachers about the changes in the syllabus of Accountancy for class XII for session 2017-18.

The topics covered were:

  • Writing Off Discount on Issue of Debentures
  • Conversion of Debentures into Shares.
  • Some typical questions of Board Examination
  • A brief introduction about Goods and Services Tax

Flinders University representatives talked about the courses offered and shared the concept of mentoring.THE FLINDERS University representatives shared the concepts of mentoring with focus on the comfortable experience of International Students. The International Community caters to almost 90 countries. Out of 24,000 students enrolled at the University, over 4500 students belong to the International Fraternity.

The courses availability of scholarship programmes, process of Admission, infrastructure, and exposure in terms of Internship and placement was also shared by the representatives.

The workshop focused majorly on Flinders University. The University has a 100 percent placement record and students are provided an opportunity to self-sustain by being able to work for 20 hours a week.

7 July 2017 MS. MONIKA CHADHA   JAPAN FOUNDATION The teacher attended the ‘Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers ”organized by Jaltsa and Japan Foundation

Topic – Improving Classroom and School Effectiveness

The workshop was organised by Indian Association of Teachers of French in collaboration with Institute Francis (French Embassy).The following issues were discussed:

  1. Evaluation system for class X(2017-18)
  2. The challenges of taking internal assessment as there is no clear guidance from CBSE. Various ideas and suggestions were shared.

Topic – Improving Classroom and School Effectiveness

The Workshop was conducted by Shubha Chandrashekhar for Jr. and Sr. school teachers on the topic -Improving Classroom and School Effectiveness on 1 July 2017. She spoke about diversity in classrooms and the universal design of learning (UDL), sharing innovative strategies to enhance teaching learning process in diverse classrooms. She stressed on the importance of setting goals according to the learners’ ability and how they play a pivotal role in bringing out the desired results.

01 May 2017 to 10 June 2017 SHUBHA CHANDRASHEKHAR   UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Ms. Shubha Chandrashekhar, Special Educator at DPS Rohini was selected one of the seven Americans with Disability Act (ADA) fellows from India and participated in a six week intensive fellowship programme from May 01, 2017 to June 10, 2017. She attended classes at the University of Minnesota and participated in sessions on Positive Behaviour Interventions and support and Response to intervention. The programme aimed at supporting the educational inclusion of children with disabilities.

Topic – Hindi Workshop ‘Utkarsh’

Delhi Public School Society organised a Hindi Workshop ‘Utkarsh’ for Hindi Teachers from 30th May to 2nd June 2017. Forty-six participants from different D.P.S schools participated in the same. Ms. Promila Chopra from D.P.S. Rohini was the Co-ordinator of the programme. Compering of the event was done by D.P.S Rohini on 30th June. A session on ‘Various Methodologies in Hindi teaching was taken by Ms. Promila Chopra. The participants appreciated the session for its uniqueness and practical approach.

25 May 2017 to 27 May 2017 MS. NITASHA JOSE
  DPSS HRD CENTRE, LODHI ROAD To give insight to the educators into Singapore experience in the teaching of Science in schools in Singapore
17 May 2017 to 19 May 2017 APARNA BAJAJ


The workshop was an enriching experience for teachers where they learnt about evaluation for classes VI- VIII. The teachers were given sessions by Prof. H.S Srivastava in preparing balanced question papers. The typology of questions were discussed and importance of blue prints and item wise analysis of question papers was also stressed upon. Overall it provided a wholesome learning experience.

08 April 2017 RASHMI WALIA

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Jaishree Sethi, an eminent storyteller.

The chief objective of the workshop was to give the teachers an insight into the role and power of storytelling in education.

It was also reiterated that stories help establish connection and association.

The various techniques of story telling were discussed.

The chief focus was laid on body language, body movement, facial expressions and voice modulation. Teachers were suggested to relate the stories to the contemporary settings and situations.

A demonstration of the art of story telling was given by the resource person.

This was followed by group presentations wherein each group had to narrate a story of their choice keeping the techniques of story telling in mind. The session was summed up with a beautiful thought by Gail Goodwin, ‘Good teaching is one fourth preparation and three fourths theatre.’

07 April 2017 NITASHA JOSE   MCD PRIMARY SCHOOL SECTOR -7 ROHINI The training session was conducted by the Department of Health- Rohini Zone on 'Awareness about Dengue and Chikungunia'.

TNational Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, NIEPID organized a conference on Intellectual Disabilities: Challenges & Barriers.

International Classification of Functioning (ICF)’, ‘BioPsycho-Social Approach towards ID, Educational Perspectives in Persons with ID’, ‘Depression Among Caregivers of children with ID’ were some of the sessions conducted during the day.

17 - 18 March 2017 to 24 - 25 March 2017 VIPIN RAMPAL   HRD CENTRE, DPS DWARKA CAMPUS, NEW DELHI DPS Society organized Physical Education Teacher’s Conclave 2017, a workshop aimed at creating a balance between sports and studies. The objective of the conclave was to popularize sports and identify and nurture future Olympians from DPS fraternity. The conclave hosted a galaxy of sport stars including Raja Randhir Singh, Vice-President OCA, Padma Shri and Arjuna awardee Ms. Anjum Chopra, Mr.Manavjit Singh Sandhu. World Record Holder, Trapshooting and Ms.Neha Agarwal, Olympian, Table Tennis.
20 Jan 2017 to 22 Feb 2017 PALLAV GUPTA   DPS JODHPUR

DPS Society organized a conference on “Development and Commerce” at DPS Jodhpur from 20 February to 22 February 2017.

75 teachers from the Commerce Faculty of 70 Delhi Public Schools from India and abroad participated in the conference.

The conference was inaugurated by Shri P.P. Chaudhary, Union Minister of State in the Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Various eminent speakers from different walks of life enlightened the audience on recent developments in the field of commerce.

The topics covered were Accounting Standards, IFRS, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Financial Literacy, IPOs, Entrepreneurship Innovations & New Business Opportunities, Role of Digitization in the Banking Sector, GST, Companies Act 2013 and Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

This three day conference also included a cultural programme depicting Rajasthani folk songs and dance. A heritage walk through famous monuments was also organised for the visiting faculty.


Workshop on the importance of early childhood care and education.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Arti Walia and Ms. Isha Khanna. A video showing the significance of early childhood care and education was very effective in creating an awareness about how early childhood education impacts the personality of an individual and therefore the future of a nation.

Ms. Isha Khanna conducted the workshop very efficiently giving insights into the various facets of a child’s development from 1-6 years of age. She gave inputs on how to further enhance their growth and development and use this knowledge to manage diversity and multiple intelligence in children. She also shared her observations from her visit to other DPS Schools.

Ms. Arti shared very innovative ideas for story-telling & nutritional care to be undertaken by the teachers of primary classes.

The workshop ended with a beautiful song about the role of teachers being played on the audio-visual system. It was a very enriching and informative workshop.


Vital Role of Library in School Education, 11-13 Jan 2017.

The Event was inaugurated by Prof. B P Khandelwal member, The DPS Society, The Chief Guest for the occasion was Prof. P B Mangla. Head, Dept of Lib & Info. Sc. Dean Faculty of Arts. Chairman, Board of Research Studies, Univ. of Delhi. Other esteemed guests Ms Vinita Kher, Director, Dr. Sharda Manocha, Joint Director, HRDC. Ms Amita Mishra Principal, DPS International, Saket were also Present. Over 46 Librarians from all Delhi Public Schools across the country participated in it.

Sessions-I - Keynote Address- Managing Libraries in new information environment.

Resource Person- Dr. Pravakar Nath, Prof. and Head, Dept of Lib & Info. Sc., Mizoram University.

Sessions-II - Creating a Futuristic School Library-Resource Person- Ms. Amita Mishra, Principal, DPS International, Saket.

KOHA- Open Source Integrated Library Management System- An Overview(Networking of DPS Libraries) Resource Person- Ms Amandeep Kapila,Consultant, NUEPA& Indira Gandhi National Centre for Art. Visit to the Library of DPS R K Puram- Role of a School Librarian

Sessions-III - Promoting Reading Habits among children.

Resource Person- Ms Abha Kumar, HOD English DPS Greater Noida.

Books in a Child’s Life (Talk with the Author) Resource Person- Devika Rangachari, Author of Children’ Books.

Sessions-IV - Access and Use of Web Resources (Open Educational Resources).

Resource Person- Dr. D S Thakur Visit to the World Book Fair- 2017Collection Development in School Libraries.

Resource Person- Dr. Moortimati Samantary, Head Lib. & Documentation Div. NCERT Reflections; Future-Challenges & Solutions, (Group Discussion).

Resource Person- Ms Vinita Kher, Director HRDC, MS Sharda Manocha, Joint Director, HRDC. The Society. Ms Sneha Arora, Former HOD Lib, DPS R K Puram.

Sessions-V - Role of Library in Inclusive Education

Resource Person- Mrs Savita Khetwal, Senior Librarian, DPS Mathura Road.


CBSE Capacity Building Workshop for Class X Science teachers.

The workshop was an enriching and interesting experience. The two day workshop started with a session on Bloom’s Taxonomy and how to modulate our teaching methodologies so as to attain development of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. This was followed by a session on Framing the Lesson Plans, Setting Question Papers and Marking Scheme. The resource persons, Mr. G.K. Mishra and Ms. Deepali Panwar made the sessions quite interactive with active participation of all the participants. The teachers shared the challenges they face in the class and how they deal with them.Overall the workshop gave the participants an opportunity to enhance their teaching skills.

21 Dec 2016 MOLLY ROHATGI   AUDITORIUM, POLICE STATION BARAKHAMBA ROAD NEW DELHI A workshop on Cyber Safety awareness was organized for School Computer Teachers by Delhi Police, Cyber Cell. The Resource Person was DCP Cyber Cell, Mr Arun Roy who talked about cyber threats and the need of inculcating safe online habits among students to counter cyber threats. He also highlighted the Cyber Cell mantra for students – ‘Pause and think before your connect’. Videos created by Delhi Police to explain the vulnerability in the cyber world of students were shown. The workshop aimed at involving School teachers in order to make children cyber safe.