The need of the hour is to help children develop their higher order logical and problem solving skills.

An age –appropriate and subject independent tool like the THOTS Lab helps to enhance the self thinking processes in the students.

The benefits of using the lab as observed are:

  • Ability to see patterns in the environment and self (cognitive and emotional) and the capacity to draw inter-relationship between input-output, cause-effect, etc has shows a definite.
  • Children are more disciplined and settled in their classrooms as well outside the class environment.
  • They have become more organised in their approach to situations in academic and non-academic fronts.
  • Inhibitions related to adjusting in a new environment (people/ situations) have reduced and they are able to adapt as per the need, more conveniently.
  • The students have developed a winning attitude not to quit in between even if faced with problems.
  • They have started demonstrating a sense of responsibility towards others and resources.
  • This has also enhanced their ability to communicate and express effectively.

We can certainly express our assertion to the fact that the THOTS LAB has been a successful endeavour wherein the responses to the programme from the students as well as the parents have been very encouraging.